Christina Jackson


I really care about helping people get more out of their lives and out of their businesses. With a strong background in training and coaching I know how much more potential there is in most people to market themselves and their businesses so much more effectively and more personably.

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Just how good is this Workshop?

Michele Kelly, Girl Friday Consulting Ltd

Michele joined Christina for one of her powerful LinkedIn Workshops and this is what she has to say about it:

What did you want to achieve from LinkedIn training?

To learn how to use LinkedIn in a more effective way so it had a direct impact on turnover.

What did you take away from the day?

I had been using LinkedIn for over 6 years before doing Christina’s training. It had been great for being approached for various employee roles but had patchy results for projects as a contractor.

In the training I learnt new techniques and additional tools available to make my virtual networking more effective but more importantly how to stand out while keeping a professional persona, in an increasingly crowded and noisy digital space. (without resorting to those eyebrow raising cleavage shots or annoying unrelated updates about my dog/kids/holidays!)

What results have you achieved by implementing the techniques and strategies? 

I implemented the training immediately, as in that very afternoon. In the first month I could see my profile ranking within peers of similar skills was steadily rising from around 25% to being in the top 15-20%. By month 3 (June) I had received a request to discuss a possible project from a LinkedIn member who was not a 1st or 2nd connection. They actually wrote in the first email:

We have looked at your profile and since we are looking for someone to help us in our next steps needed to continue in and indeed increase our success, we thought you would be perfect, if you think you can aid us in our upcoming endeavours and if you find this interesting please email me.”

Within 4 weeks of that initial email, I started a project for this company. Simply put, Christina’s 3 hour training resulted in a 4 week project valued over £11k ex vat. ‘Nuff said.

A note from Michele:

Within minutes of first meeting Christina I knew I had to work with her as it was immediately very clear the benefits her training could have on my business. And I was right! Book the training and DO it, really DO it, as in implement it. If you have NO plans to use the training then learn to accept you may have missed out on £k worth of potential business because you couldn’t be bothered. *shrugs*

3 Hours and £11,000 later!