Christina Jackson

I really care about helping people get more out of their lives and out of their businesses. With a strong background in training and coaching I know how much more potential there is in most people to market themselves and their businesses so much more effectively and more personably.

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Is this Workshop worth attending?  Here’s what Michele Kelly, Girl Friday Consulting has to say:

So Michele – within 2 months of the LinkedIn training you got a great contract worth £11k +vat for four weeks work. How did that pan out in the end?

“The client was very pleased with the work completed and thanked me for treating them with respect and kindness! Total value of that project was over £15K ex vat for 6 weeks’ work.”

And what’s happened since then?

“In February 2016, another company approached me via LinkedIn which has resulted in a 6 month part time contract worth mid five figures.  There is also the option to extend after 6 months.”

“Overall Christina’s LinkedIn training has resulted in substantial return on investment!”

What would you say to someone who says that they don’t have time to deal with LinkedIn, or that the training is expensive?

“The key difference in my profile is before doing Christina’s training I was contacted on a regular basis by recruiters looking to place senior management within corporations, not useful if you run your own company. Now I get approached by brands/individuals requiring contract or project work.”

Anything else you’d like to say?

“As with any training, it’s not just the knowledge, it’s using it effectively. If you fall into the ‘wantrepreneur’ category and prefer the idea of running a business versus doing the work it requires, then don’t bother. However, if you are prepared to put the training into action then you could also be in a position where new clients ‘magically’ appear out of nowhere.”