Dave Holloway: Profile

LinkedIn has EXPLODED in recent years. It is now easier than ever for businesses, professionals and indeed anyone to FIND, CONNECT and ENGAGE with their ideal prospects worldwide.

• How are you using the MASSIVE potential and reach of LinkedIn to generate business?
• How does your profile serve your clients ?
• How much value do you provide ?

If you are not using LinkedIn effectively to get FOUND, give VALUE and establish your CREDIBILITY, then you are simply not making the most of the world’s largest free to use business database.

For everyone in business an ACTIVE, CREDIBLE and ENGAGING LinkedIn presence is now vital.

I am keen to speak to you if you are serious about getting even more business in a time leveraged way.

LinkedIn has so many ways of proactively finding potential clients, new leads or partner companies including (but not limited to):

• Searching, with specific criteria, to find particular people
• Leveraging your existing connections to get warm introductions
• Interacting with your ideal clients on a regular basis

Contact me NOW to find out what you could be doing to GET EVEN MORE BUSINESS through your use of LinkedIn !

To avoid playing phone tag, book a time that’s convenient for you, using my on-line diary: https://calendly.com/daveholloway and I’ll call you!

In my free time (what’s that, you may be thinking!) I go to the gym, or simply kick back and relax.