Fiona Caldecott: Profile

Supporting people to implement systems to help their businesses work more effectively has been a passion of mine for many years now. Initially the focus was on core business systems, but as time moves on and business does too, the systems and platforms that we use to communicate internally and externally have become less business orientated and more personal.

LinkedIn is unique in its ability to connect people and businesses in a myriad of ways –

  • Business to business
  • Business to customer
  • Business to new talent
  • And person to person

At 3degrees Social we specialise in helping you to ignite your personal profile blazing a path for you to reduce the time to make new connections with the ideal people to meet your goals, or enhance your links with existing connections to build and maintain strong and beneficial business relationships.

I run half day and full day workshops or can offer one to one coaching to help you discover the powers hidden within LinkedIn, and help you understand how you can use it to target the results you are looking to achieve in your business, be that

  • increased sales to new, or existing customers,
  • finding the right supplier for that tricky new product
  • finding support from like-minded individuals

If this has piqued your interest call me on 07770584521 and lets discuss what LinkedIn could do for you.