Ian J Preston



“Big thank you Ian, since your excellent guidance in December my connections  have increased by 200%+ (250 to 500+) and I also have a full diary for f  follow up meetings in  January 2016 .” 
Alan Hill – Programme Manager



1cec243 “Ian has been instrumental in coaching me to make better use of LinkedIn. His        professional and friendly approach makes him a coach of first choice. I feel  privileged  to have his number to hand and would gladly recommend him to  anyone who wants  to get the most out of using LinkedIn effectively”
 Mariann Harris – Consultant


Eve Russell“Anyone who thinks they know how to use LinkedIn, who hasn’t been on one of  Ian’s LinkedIn workshops, then think again! Ian is not only an exceptional  trainer/public speaker, but his knowledge of LinkedIn and all of its powers is  mind blowing! If you want to increase your sales and gain clients, then this  workshop is for you. Thank you for a great informative afternoon Ian.”
 Eve Russell – Director


Sara Knight “ I would highly recommend this training. I felt I was lacking in knowledge on    LinkedIn and was worried about looking like a ‘newbie’. This has all been  resolved, and Ian has taught me some really useful tools to use. Following his  training, we have saved money on our marketing budget too -approx. the same  as it cost to train me – so everyone’s happy! “
 Sara Knight – Business Development Manager



I am passionate about Making Things Better (MTB as I call it). It frustrates me when I see things that could be so much better—quite often simple ideas that can be easily implemented and have a massive effect on your business.

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LinkedIn Workshop Warrington - Early Bird Rate Currently Available

Tuesday 7th November 2017
The Centre, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6YN.
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