Meet our Coaches & Trainers

Allen Ruddock

Allen Ruddock (Surrey) »

Allen really cares about helping people get more out of their careers and out of their businesses. As a project manager for 30 years, he has led, coached, mentored and trained project and line managers and teams to deliver more effectively. As a business owner and coach, he has built a successful consultancy and training…

Dave Holloway

Dave Holloway (Berkshire) »

Teaching, coaching and helping people to improve have always been passions of Dave’s. He has been running businesses for over twenty five years, so he knows how tough it can be to generate sales or good quality leads.

Fiona Caldecott

Fiona Caldecott (Midlands) »

Supporting people to implement systems to help their businesses work more effectively has been a passion of Fiona’s for many years now. Initially the focus was on core business systems, but as time moves on and business does too, the systems and platforms that we use to communicate internally and externally have become less business orientated and more personal.


Andy Gwynn (Midlands) »

Andy has been coaching business owners, franchisors and professionals to grow their businesses since 2003. Over the last two years he has been coaching his clients and running workshops on how to generate more business through their use of LinkedIn. He is now licensing the Linkedin training and coaching side of the business.

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