The 5 Most Effective Ways to Generate Sales Leads that all Franchisees, Business Owners & Sales People Must Master (2.0)


Why 2.0? 

Because I’ve just re-read Andy’s post here and THIS INFORMATION IS CRITICAL and most people either don’t know it or don’t do it as effectively as they could!

So, you can read the slightly edited, revamped and updated version here.  And we promise to share more with you – giving you more detail, with specific tips you can implement, in the next few posts!


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Original Post from Andy:

Why is it that I still shudder, 11 years down the road, when I hear of people looking to buy a franchise, set up their own business or tell me they can’t get enough sales?

I have been coaching Business Owners, Franchisors, Franchisees and SalesExecutives on how to market for more leads and make more sales for over a decade. It still amazes me how many people really do not know how to do this effectively and have not learned how to market and sell.

When I first set up my Business Coaching Firm I was taught four fundamental marketing strategies that every business should implement to generate enquiries, leads & sales – AND they cost nothing other than time to develop !!

They are how to:

  1. Generate referrals
  2. Gain Leads from Networking
  3. Generate business from working with 3rd party “Strategic Alliances
  4. Speak and sell effectively & professionally from stage

There is now a fifth strategy that wasn’t around properly in 2003 and that is the most powerful and effective lead generation tool today LINKEDIN.

linkedin ripped logo

All of these strategies are easy to learn and yet most people that I meet are not using them effectively. In fact I would go as far to say that I don’t think I have ever met anyone who is using them all consistently and properly!!

I get well over 80% of all my new business from either one, or a combination, of these five strategies. It should be mandatory for anyone going into business to learn how to market and sell.

All Franchisors should have a duty to teach their Franchisees the same and any Business Coach should be equally skilled in order to be congruent when working with their Clients.

The amount of Coaches, Trainers & Professional Speakers that I have coached because they are struggling to make sales is breath-taking.

I shall get off my high horse now that I have sown this seed.  You can tell I’m passionate it.  So passionate that I’m making a promise to you . . .

I am going to address each of these five strategies over the next few weeks so that you have something that you can apply to your business and become the exception to the rule :)

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