How to Generate More Referral Business

andy-trainingI would be as brave to say that every business that I have ever asked have said that they get referrals or new business via “word of mouth”. They also confirm to me that this is usually the easiest business to sell to.

Yet when I ask if they then have a consistent process in place to ask every client and contact for referrals most say “No” !

How crazy. It is usually because they either haven’t thought to or don’t know how to in the right way. Referrals are easier to get than they ever have been. There are so many referral business clubs around now a days and the essence of online networking such as Linkedin is all about recommendations and referrals.

What if you asked every client, especially at the time of buying, “who else do you know that would benefit from the same product / service that I could call / send an offer to ?”

We have to be in the minds of our prospects continuously in this busy world.

I think so many people go into business without learning how to master sales and marketing. Referral strategies are one of the first things that I coach my clients to implement.It’s what I call “street wise marketing”. You need some creativity but then they are by and large free or very low cost to implement. It’s one of the main strategies we coach and support our Linkedin Coaching & Training Franchisees to use, as it is so easy to combine with their use of Linkedin. I often see that a lack of marketing and sales training and support is a common challenge for Franchisees. That’s why these five strategies that I am covering is the core of my Franchisees’ training and just happen to give me 80% of all my new business.

HERE IS MY SIMPLE YET POWERFUL “Referral Business Made Easy” pdf. 

Go to this link:

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All I ask is that you approach it with an open mind and ask yourself “How can I adapt this and apply it to my business?” AND THEN TAKE ACTION AND IMPLEMENT SOME OF IT  and then let me know how you get on :)





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