The Power of Selling from Stage


This is one of the most powerful lead generation tools that I have used to build three businesses and coached dozens of other people to generate sales  in the same way.

It is probably one of the least utilised as well because of people’s fears of speaking in public. As  you speak in front of an audience and especially if it is at someone else’s event  you immediately build credibility with the people in the room /  your prospects. This is accelerated & magnified if the host positions and introduces you properly.

Provided that you give great value in your content and learn to “weave in” what it is you can do for the attendees, people will come flocking to you. These leads are the easiest sales to make.

The challenge is that most people are too scared to develop this as a marketing strategy. Studies have shown that public speaking is among people’s biggest fears. See my friends’, Peter Roper & Andy Lopata’s book “And Death Came Third”

There are two sides to speaking and selling effectively from stage. The skill set, knowing what to say and how to present and the mindset (which is really a skill set) of what you do internally to present with confidence. Both of these can be learned.

It is well worth investing to learn. I have generated £100,000’s of business from stage. From selling books to one day courses  to acquiring long term clients worth £10,000’s. I have literally coached Builders, Book Keepers, Bakers, Property Investors, Accountants and many more people to speak and sell from stage.

The first time my Builder presented he generated more leads ( in numbers & value) in an hour than he had done in the last year. AND he got me an enquiry from the room that turned into £10,500 of business – AND I NEVER ASKED HIM TOO !!!

It is a well leveraged marketing strategy that costs you virtually nothing. We invest a lot of time training and coaching our Linkedin & Social Media Coaches & Trainers to learn how to sell effectively from their speaking engagements. It is doubly powerful for them as so many organisations and businesses, right now,are looking for people to speak to their teams about how to gain more business from their use of Linkedin.

As a Linkedin Trainer you can even get paid to speak. I recently got paid £500 to speak, for an hour, to a Sales Team at their National Sales Conference. How cool is that ??? – to get paid to market and generate leads for your business !!!

Ask yourself what content do you have of value that your ideal target market would benefit from hearing and how easy would it be to build instant credibility ( remember most of your audience have opted to hear you and wouldn’t do what you do so are intent on listening to you ).

And how much fun would it be to deal with such motivated in – bound enquiries?

I would recommend getting a Coach that understands and has experience in selling from stage not just presenting skills. My Mum has competed at national level as a member of the ASC ( Association of Speakers Clubs) and we have spent hours discussing the differences in styles. She would not & could not do what I do.

I have a learned a lot and created a powerful network of colleagues and friends through the PSA – Professional Speakers Association and have recommended numerous clients join, from Web Designers to Personal Colour Stylists. Have a look at:

In 2005 Brad Sugars said to me ( and 150 other Business Coaches in the room in Paris !!) “if you want to double your business in the next 90 days get on stage more!”  – I did and I did.

Learn how to speak, sell from stage &  grow your business easily – it’s yours to be had

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