The Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool in The World Today



Because you can find, connect and engage with your ideal prospect within minutes & hours, anywhere in the world, AND IT’S FREE!!!

Of course, I’m talking about Linkedin.

There is now approx 15 MILLION personal profiles in the UK alone and over 300 MILLION  in the world!!! This huge growth has exploded in the last 2-4 years and yet Linkedin has been around since 2003. Most people are on it because they think they should be and yet most people are not utilising it effectively or know how to generate leads and business through its use.

The universal principle of the 6 Degrees of separation says that we are no more than 6 steps (people) away from any one in the world and numerous tests have proven this over the years. Google now reckons that with Linkedin it is nearer 3 Degrees of Seperation!!!

I have 2600+ first tier connections ( people that I am directly connected to). This gives me, in the way of 2nd Tier connections, (people that are directly connected to my connections)  over  1.3 MILLION !!!!!

People are searching for B2B or professional contacts through Linkedin as a first port of call. Your Linkedin profile will also get found on google searches so if you are not utilising Linkedin then you are missing out at being found.

In my view, there is very little physical training on how to use Linkedin as a marketing tool. There are a relatively small number of Trainers in the market place. There are a lot of on-line resources both from Linkedin itself and others but my experience is that most people prefer physical, experiential training than on-line self study.

I also believe that you cannot focus on one part of a business without it impacting on other areas such as your overall marketing strategy, your business plan, finances, time , team, cash-flow, delivery etc, etc etc. There are even less trainers that can approach Linkedin from a “Business Coaching” or business growth perspective.

I also believe, from experience, that most people who attend training sessions FAIL TO IMPLEMENT what they have been taught. They get sucked back into their day to day business and other “priorities” take over. It is easier for people to keep doing what they have always done rather than implement change. Which is, after all, what you are looking to do by learning a new strategy.

That is why we are one of the few TRAINING &  COACHING BUSINESSES that have a Linkedin coaching programe that helps clients to implement step by step and include the relevant levels of accountanability and “Coach” them through strategies / philosophies that they might initially find challenging as new concepts for their businesses.

There are 2 sides to your Linkedin strategy. You need to create a powerful personal profile that gets found, positions your credibility and gives the reader value.

Download for free our “9 Points to a Powerful Personal Profile”

The second part is your  pro-active strategy of how you consistently find, connect with, in the right way, and engage with your ideal connection.

There is no point implementing the second part if, when you connect with someone, your profile doesn’t inspire them.

On my Linkedin profile you will see a document called “10 reasons people aren’t getting business thro’ linkedin”. You can download it for free. It will give you some more ideas.

BY THE WAY: by connecting with me and our Coaches, on linkedin, you will immediately grow your 2nd tier connections by over 2600!!! How many potential sales prospects, that you can easily connect with, do you need in your life time ????

Our team of Linkedin Coaches & Trainers can show you how to easily get to your ideal prospects and generate new business through your Linkedin activity.

There is such MASSIVE  demand, by people on Linkedin, to understand and learn how do this that we are getting inbound enquiries regularly asking us to train client’s teams. That is why our franchisees can make £10’s ‘000’s per month as professional Linkedin & Social Media Coaches & Trainers.

If you don’t learn how to harness the power of your Linkedin use then you are missing opportunities to gain more business and a competitive edge over your competitors!


Go make a difference :)





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