The Power of Reviews, Recommendations and Testimonials

or ‘the power of love’.


But seriously . . . if someone tells you how good they are, what do you think?  In the UK many of us grew up being told not to blow our own trumpet, not to show off and definitely NOT to be big-headed.  Hmmn, that’s all very well but what if you know you are really good at what you do?

What if you’ve invested time, money and energy into improving your skills so that you really are good – or great! – at what you do?

And how much value/credence do people give it if it’s YOU that tells them?

Well if you are like most people we talk to . . . your reaction can vary from ‘I know you are!’ to ‘what a turn off!‘.  So how do you get your greatness across to others (and especially to your potential clients and customers)?


I’ve heard it said that a ‘third party endorsement’ carries 500 x the weight of you blowing your own trumpet.  It’s not what YOU say about yourself, it’s far more powerful to have OTHERS raving about how great you are and what you’ve done for them.  As members of ‘thebestof’ (and former franchisees) we regularly asked our clients for testimonials and what they said about us was fantastic.  We even picked up awards!

Award - 2.2.3, Most Loved Business In The UK

But hold on!

Let’s turn this on it’s head for a minute . . . how quick are you to praise others?  Our last blog talked about how often we show appreciation.  So before we look at how YOU can GET great reviews, recommendations and endorsements, let look at what you do for others.


‘It is better to give than to receive’ . . .

Thanks!  You're Awesome

Thanks! You’re Awesome


There’s no doubt that I feel great when I hand out one of my ‘Thanks!  You’re Awesome’ cards with a handwritten note on the back.  And a little bit of appreciation goes a long way.  It’s great to see people’s reaction to a genuine, personalised ‘thank you’.  It’s so simple, quick and easy to do it makes me wonder why we don’t do it more . . .

Then you can take it a step further – especially in business – as you build your relationships.  How many Linkedin endorsements and testimonials have you given in the last month?  Here are some ideas . . .

  • Send a quick email to 3 people thanking them and showing your appreciation for them – let them know what you appreciate about them (this can be to your clients, prospects, suppliers or team.  If you really want to get a ‘wow!’ then do it to your family or friends!
  • Or send a card
  • Or get some of your own ‘Thanks!’ cards printed – you can do anything from free Vistaprint business-style cards through to postcards or fancy schmancy cards with your logo and everything on!

OK, now let’s ramp it up a notch or two . . .

especially for you business people who really want to build great relationships:

  • Head on over to Linkedin (yes, here at 3degrees Social we LOVE Linkedin!) and don’t just tick those quick boxes ‘Does John have these skills or expertise?’ Endorse/Skip, that show at the top.   Instead . . . scroll down to where it says ‘Would you like to recommend ‘name’?  and give someone a great recommendation explaining what you love/appreciate about them; what they’ve done for you; the difference it’s made for you/your business and recommending why someone else should connect with them or do business with them.    Now THAT’s a proper recommendation!
  • Want to show some real high quality appreciation?   Give your recommendation on a short video testimonial.  Head over to Andy Gwynn’s page on Linkedin . . . you’ll see some great examples of written and video recommendations.

A great recommendation is worth it’s weight in gold.  Several years ago we invested £5,000 to get some professionally shot video testimonials from clients.  The investment was repaid many times over.  People would see the video and get the ‘proof’ they needed.

Now it’s even easier with the way technology links . . . if you haven’t tried it yet just record a quick video on your smartphone, upload it onto Linked in or send it to the person you are recommending and let them add it to their website, their emails . . . wherever!

And it is STILL worth getting professional quality video if your budget allows.

That’s it for this time . . . let us know if you accept the challenge and will give/have given 3 x great recommendations.

Next time . . . it’s all about YOU!  We’ll talk more about getting great recommendations that you can use.



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