Our Formula for Success . . . it’s simple!


We have a tried, tested and proven formula for success and it works.  It’s simple.  It only has 3 parts.  The real trick is to chunking it down and finding out which parts of the formula we are working effectively or not.

Let us share it with you.

MA x RS x C = R

Yes, we said it was simple.  So, what does it mean?

MA:  Massive Action

How often do you look at what you are doing and ask yourself ‘Is this ‘massive action‘?’.  We do, often.  One of our team came out with a great way of looking at her results.  She said ‘If I can get 1 client, I can get 2′.  Then when she had 2 clients she told herself ‘If I can get 2, I can get 3′.  And so on, until she had the number that ‘fit’ for her.

We loved her attitude and we loved that she shared it with us.

What started for her as ‘taking action‘ became ‘taking more action‘ and then the question came up . . . ‘so what would be ‘massive action’ in this area?’

This links back to a favourite mantra of ours . . . asking ourselves better questions gives us better answers.  So never ask ‘why isn’t x working?’ and instead ask ‘How can I make x work better?  What sort of things could I do?

And if you want great results (yes, that’s the R at the end) then you may need to increase the input at the front end of this formula.

RS:  Right Stuff

Hmmn, this is a really interesting one.  We might be taking ‘massive action‘ but how often do we check in with a question about ‘is it the right stuff?‘.  Probably quickly followed by ‘So what IS the right stuff?‘.

It’s all too easy to act like a hamster on a wheel – going round and round in circles, running faster and faster to keep our place.  It’s often much more of a challenge to find quicker, better, easier, more leveraged and efficient ways of doing things.

hamster on a wheel

And for us it’s always about identifying what works – so that we can keep doing it/find better ways to do it – and what’s not working so that we can switch our efforts to something more effective.

A great example is where someone goes to lots of different networking events.  Do you review afterwards – what did I get from that particular event/group?  Are they my ideal target market?  Are they my ideal connections?  Did I enjoy it?  Was it effective use of my time?

This reminds me of another favourite quote ‘don’t confuse activity with accomplishment’.  It’s not enough to be busy, check that you’re busy with the right stuff.

C:  Consistency

Oh this is SUCH an important word when it comes to marketing.

Let’s look at the formula so far MA (massive action) x RS (right stuff).  So if you are busy taking action on the right stuff it’s no good if you do it just once and then you’re never heard from again.  At the worst, people won’t even notice you took the action.  Or if they did notice, they may think you’re a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ kind of person.

There has been huge research done by big corporations that show that so many of our messages and actions ‘fall through the cracks’ so it’s vital that we are consistent in delivering our message, our brand, what we are offering and how we can help people.  It’s no good being the best kept secret.

Patricia Fripp – the first female President of the National Speakers Association in the USA has my favourite quote here . . . ‘never miss an opportunity to tell people what you do (and how you can help them).  Thank you Patricia . . . a Brit abroad who has done extremely well for herself and is a huge help and inspiration to others.

Consistency shows that you are passionate about what you do, that you can be relied upon and that you are likely to still be doing it tomorrow, and the next day, etc.  It gives people confidence.

So, a fantastic marketing campaign, done once, will rarely work.  Great marketing, done regularly and consistently will keep you and your message in front of people.

How consistent are you?

R:  Results

One thing is for sure . . . we are all getting results.  Whether they are the ones we want, and intended, is another matter entirely.

If you are not getting the results you choose/expect/planned for then take a look at the formula . . . which bits need your attention?

If you are getting good/decent results then revisit the formula and see what you can change to improve your results.  Is it more action/massive action?  Is it checking it’s the right stuff?  Or is it improving your consistency.

Whatever results you are currently getting . . . we hope this formula for success helps you tweak things to get even better results.

Let us know your thoughts and how you’ve applied the formula.

Mary & Andy

PS:  oh and by the way – part of our consistency is our 90dayplanning.  We’re reviewing the last quarter and planning the next one so we can revisit this formula in detail.  You can find out more about our 90dayplanning workshops here or join us on Facebook.

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