You Get What You Focus On !


I think that the human mind is the most powerful computer in the world and we are all capable of achieving more than we currently do. So here’s how I think you can achieve even more in 2015.

What are you focussing on? Try this.

Look around the room you are in for 5 seconds and count all of the things that you can see that are yellow… GO


How many did you count? ……..


That were black?


I’m guessing none. That’s because we get what we focus on. If I had said notice the different colours you might have remembered a few but may have got confused and not counted as many as you did when focussing specifically on yellow.

So what are you focusing on in your business and your life? How specific are you goals for 2015?

You may have heard of the acronym for setting goals that become easier to achieve: SMART –  Specific, Measureable, Achieveable, Realistic & Timed.

I prefer SMT  goals- I think achieveable and realistic is too small minded ( go Google the philosophy)

Your goals need to be:

Specific (define your yellow) how much turnover & profit are you going to achieve? How many new clients, what’s their spend, what do they buy, what type of clients are they etc etc etc etc etc – The more specific the better.

Measureable can be straight forward. How will you know that you are achieving the specificty?

Timed: When will you achieve each step of the plan?

Most people just don’t make the time to plan their goals in this way. Reports in the U.K state that most owners of small businesses take just 2 days per year out to plan and work on their business!

Why is it that some people take more time to plan their weekly shopping or their wedding ( 1 day of their life) than they do their business and life goals???

By creating your SMT goals you will activate your Reticular Activating System (RAS). This is a physical part of your brain that notices things associated with what you focus on.

A good example might be you decide to bring on a P.A and, in passing, your friend asks if you know anyone who wants a P.A as his sister is looking for a job. Or you see an email or advert asking if you have a job.

Had you not set this goal you wouldn’t notice these or would quickly say NO to your friend.

SO…. go set your RAS and SMT goals, focus on them daily and see what you achieve next year :)

If you think that taking a day out of your business to define and write your next 90 Day goals based on what you want to achieve over the next year will make a difference then come and join us at our next 90 Day Planning Day

Share the day with a bunch of other like minded business people and go programme that Neck Top Computer :)


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