Should I stay or should I go now? . . .

It’s been an interesting month with some real pivotal moments in a number of relationships.  And, to be frank, some relationships will go forward and strengthen and others will fall by the wayside.  But it’s hard to leave when you’re invested in any relationship.  And the longer the relationship has been developing and building, the harder it can be to unravel.

I recently shared a post on Linkedin - ‘After 19 Years, Is It Time to Leave?’ - you can click through to read more about it.  I wonder if it strikes a chord with you . . . 

It’s just one example of several this month and it got me thinking about how we build relationships over years.  How each relationship – with people we know, people we work with, suppliers, employers, employees – has its ups and downs.

I’ve had relationships with some people where we’ve hit a hurdle and it could have gone horribly wrong . . . but it didn’t.  Why?  Because of the way it was handled . . . by a person.  People do business with companies but always with the PEOPLE in the business.

Are the people you work with/for a good example of how you work?  Are they great ambassadors for your brand?  Or are they undermining the good work that you do?  And how do you rate?

It’s really worth looking at your own customer service, your own standards and how you measure up in your clients’ and prospects’ eyes.

I hope you’ll click through and read my 19 years of mostly good, but now going horribly wrong, experiences and maybe even commentshould I stay or should I go?  After 19 years, is it time to leave?

Walk away

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