Getting the work/life balance right (and wrong) . . .

Well, it’s been another eventful couple of weeks here at 3degrees Social.  We’re following up after a great Franchise Show in Dublin, we’ve run the first part of induction training for another new team member and taken a week abroad.

Sounds good eh?  Getting the work/life balance right with some time out?

Akbuk, Turkey

Not quite . . . so much to do we decided on a bit of a working trip with a change of office scenery.

The Plan:  grouping calls together in clearly designated ‘work’ slots and taking chunks of ‘free’ time to explore our beautiful surroundings.

The ‘Actual':  dodgy internet connections, everything taking twice as long as it should and having to take much much longer to get everything done.  Which, of course, ate into any planned personal/free time.

So it ended up being mostly work and nowhere near the free time I’d planned.


But . . . we had a great time and Turkey was glorious.  We were in a beachfront resort surrounded by great people and wonderful facilities.  Our timeshare had excelled themselves this time and we had a 3 bedroomed house (with 3 balconies!) to ourselves.  Wonderful.

The only downside was that we didn’t have nearly enough time to enjoy it as we were far too busy working.  And we’d only booked a week.

The answer (possible options): Book a fortnight and plan it out better; definitely block out some work-free days to enjoy the benefits of travelling to a new place; schedule more free time/down time.


So, planning better and allowing for things to take longer than they normally do seems to be a better way forward.


So often we go to places we’ve been before, so we know what to expect.  Going to a new place should be an adventure and we (my partner Andy and I) agreed that a fortnight works better than a week, especially in a new place.


The Aftermath:

My latest post on Linkedin:  If You Don’t Get the Balance Right, Nature Has a Way of Making You . . . explains the consequences of getting the work/life balance wrong.

(Well, the consequences for me over the last week!  And my solution to getting it right next time.)

Check out the Linkedin piece and don’t fall into the trap I did . . .


Work/life balance . . .  a constant work in progress.  Stay on top of it, I plan to.

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